Stuck For Words
July 1, 2017

The common sense guide for grieving people

Author Doris Zagdanski talks to grieving people almost every day. And one thing has not changed over the years. Invariably the subject of what someone said that puzzled or upset them still comes up all of the time.

In this book, Doris enlists the help of grieving people to tell you what they need from you. She has adapted communication skills and counselling techniques to enable us to speak confidently with a grieving friend, relative, colleague or client … anybody who needs to talk about their feelings. Here you have countless strategies to respond with empathy, without falling into the trap of being stuck for words. Doris writes as if she is speaking to you. She tells a compelling story and is willing to share her own experience of Cot Death and breast cancer so that others may learn.

About the Author:

Doris Zagdanski has had the opportunity to meet hundreds of grieving people. She has volunteered her time as a Home Visitor to families in Victoria whose child died unexpectedly from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and is well known to many support groups for the bereaved. She has worked on the front line as a funeral director and is still employed in the funeral industry. For the past 30 years, her career has centered on grief education throughout Australia and overseas. She is the author of seven books on loss, grief and empathy and is a sought after conference speaker and trainer in her field – her message about grief is contemporary, educational, entertaining and real.