Pat Langton
May 1, 2021

The Idea Behind Why Ideas Catch On

The must-have handbook for marketers to create effective and memorable campaigns in the new media era. We are living in a new era of media and marketers are more confused than ever before. Nine out of 10 marketers are struggling to identify the right platforms and technologies to help them manage their audiences. Marketing has lost its way in recent years. Advertising and communication is so cluttered that marketers are creating bad campaigns that are a waste of their and the consumer’s time. HOOK gives you an easy to remember system to create campaigns that have human emotion, ownable messaging, unique offerings and talk-ability among their audience. HOOK theory is made up of four elements (Human, Ownable, Offer, Keep) that help you create great ideas and marketing campaigns that work.

Pat Langton is the Creative Director/Partner of Magnum Opus Partners, one of Australia’s oldest independent advertising agencies. After spending two years abroad in London, Pat returned to Melbourne with a wealth of experience collaborating across local and international brands. His success was rewarded with major international awards including a Silver Cannes Lion and three Clio awards and many others, for both his digital and traditional campaigns. His time in London focused on wellness and consumer health products, collaborating with musicians, photographers and a broad range of clients. Pat calls his work, ‘art that sells’, an apt description of the content he produces.